Monday, May 6, 2013

Okay, before I get into the nitty of this post, I want to remind everyone that my Swag Madness Giveaway launches in 4 days. So I want to show all of you another lovely that I'm adding to the Swag Pack I'll be giving away. Check them out:

Alright, let's focus on the meat of this post.

My fellow Omnific sister, Nicki Elson, proposed this wonderful post idea for mother's day. We're celebrating early by publishing our posts on May 9.  Nicki cooked up the idea of doing a group post next Thursday in honor of Mother's Day---just a short post from each of us about how our mom, grandma, mother-figure, or a mother character, either from one of our own books or another, has supported or influenced our writing in any way. And you're all invited to join us!

It's super casual (so caszh there isn't even an icon, imagine that) so all you have to do is write up your mother post, post it, and then mosey over to the Omnific Publishing blog Thursday, May 9, and enter your link into the Blog Bounce before hopping around for some heartwarming mother love.  We're unofficially calling it One Mother of a Blog Hop.

Here are a couple Tweetables, if you are so inclined:

It's going to be one Mother of a Blog Hop!  In which we spew mother love all over the eVerse. Care to join us?

What are you giving your mom this Mother's Day? How about a blog post especially for her?

How has your mom (or gramma or fictional mom) influenced your writing experience? Tell us next Thursday, May 9.
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